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Emotion and theater kilometers

"The essential is invisible to the eyes," said El Principito at the Astrophysical Station of Bosque Alegre on the opening morning of the Festival; and from that moment and during five days, the pedagogical and extension activities in neighborhoods, correctional facilities, schools, hospitals became more visible in the audience, on stage.

More than 14,000 spectators with no age limit, united in this common space, to share and enjoy. More than 20 localities became a single stage where everyone was protagonists. The theater of the world landed for the eighth time in Cordoba to cross with proposals from Argentina and our Cordoba, host province of more than 90 activities that shortened all distances and erased the limits at this 8th Festival Internacional de Teatro para Niños y Jovenes 2016.

There were 5 intense, exciting, surprising and fundamentally mobilizing days. On the one hand, for all those who climbed the collective of roaming where more than 20 localities and places were visited in the framework of the Programa de Corredores Teatrales. The Opening of the Festival was 50 km from the city of Cordoba, at the Astrophysical Station of Bosque Alegre; where rural schools lived "La Odisea del Principito", in a real and fantastic scenario at the same time. The crossing of the Festival continued in a school of the High Summits in Puesto Pedernera - to 75 kilometers of our city - arriving also to different corners of our province like: Alta Gracia, Rio Ceballos, Río Cuarto, General Roca, Capilla del Monte, Bell Ville, La Calera, La France, Carlos Paz, Almafuerte, Las Varillas, Icho Cruz, Cabalango, Tanti, Sacanta, Laguna Larga, Colonia Caroya and Oncativo.
The giant telescope marked the beginning of this five-day trip around the world with proposals from Italy, Uruguay, Canada, Mexico, Chile, Colombia, Austria, Cuba, Argentina; that closed this crossing with France that put Cordoba "Of top down and legs up", in the Espacios Verdes of the Buen Pastor. Along the way, Buenos Aires, Misiones, Rio Negro, Tucumán and Córdoba joined in this blurring the boundaries of that childhood that never ends and always looms through the bonds.

Chile with "Luciérnagas, danza para niños" and Mexico with "Pulsar" and "Cerca" arrived with theater for babies, Italy proposed from the music a "Round the world in a round" and Uruguay transited the four stations from the musical "El Viaje de la Semilla ". Canada with "Loneliness or Chance" put on stage political theater for teenagers. From the spectacular to the least and intimate were reflected in the different spaces that went through this Festival. Oral stories toured different spaces of the Media Legua Cultural de Oro with "Vereditas de Cuentos"; Miniature puppets traveled bed by bed -where temporarily the children are hospitalized- in hospitals with the work "Viaje en Gato".

The Symphonic Band of the Province opened the doors of his house - El Libertador -, sharing a musical repertoire thought for children with "Se armó la Banda". The Comedia Infanto Juvenil got into the history of the beginnings of the radio with the idea of ​​strengthening links in "Radiohistorias Reales"; A link that was also reflected in the release of "Tengo a mi Abuelo en el Ropero" of CABA and "El Viejo Variete" of Rio IV, where older adults sang the songs of Maria Elena Walsh to tell the story of his people.

The spirit of the Festival once again took over the streets of Cordoba. Passers and pedestrians were surprised at one of the pedestrian bridges that cross the city, which was intervened by the students of the Jolie Libois Seminario de Teatro in the Parque de la Tejas. The link was also present in Pedagogical Activities and Mateandos which consisted of talks with teachers, directors, journalists and the public in general, based on different themes that involve them.

The scenic arts of the provincial interior were also represented with works of Capilla del Monte, La Cumbre and Rio IV. As in all the editions there was recognition and announcements: the trajectory of Maria Teresa Andruetto, narrator, teacher and poet, the only Spanish-American winner of the Hans Christian Andersen Prize, the "Nobel" for children's and youth literature. In this context, the director of the Festival Raúl Sansica announced the realization of one of his literary works for children, by the Comedia Infanto Juvenil 2017.

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